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SpécialitéLe tourton


A specialty of the Champsaur valley, tourton was once served for the holidays.

It comes in the form of a pad of very fine dough, fried and filled with mashed potatoes, fresh tomme and onions.

It is generally eaten as a starter, served with a green salad with garlic, or as an accompaniment to meat. For the greediest, prune or apple tourtons are also eaten for dessert …

In 1985, the Pellegrin brothers brought up to date an almost forgotten ancestral recipe: Tourtons du Champsaur.
Today, tourtons, sweet (apples, prunes, raspberries, blueberries …) and savory (potatoes, spinach, goat cheese …), and ravioli are sold at the factory and in certain markets. Also sale of donkey ears from Valgaudemar.

We ate them during the holidays and we called them the cushions of little Jesus

Jean Louis Pellegrin


Ingredients :
300 g of flour
3 eggs
50 g of melted butter
3 tablespoons of oil
50 g of fresh tomme (or Gervais square)
750 g potatoes, boiled in water
150 g white leeks, thinly sliced
25 g shallot (or onions)
Pepper and Salt


Knead the flour, eggs, a little oil, melted butter, salt to obtain a dough that is neither too soft (add flour) nor too hard (add water). Let the dough rest in a ball. Brown the leek whites with the shallots and butter over low heat. Set aside as soon as it browns. Crush the mashed potatoes, salt and pepper, add a little oil to taste. Add the leek whites and shallots. Crumble over the fresh tomme and knead everything to make a homogeneous stuffing. Roll out the dough with a roller (fairly thinly). Cut it into 6 or 7 cm squares, place on half of the squares of the stuffing then cover with another square of dough. Solder the edges well, if necessary moistening them lightly. Brown on both sides thoroughly. The oil should not be too hot. Serve immediately.