© Hautes-Alpes (05), Vallée du Champsaur, Brutinel, La Fare-en-Champsaur, le Champ d'Or prépare de façon artisanale des spécialités culinaires du Champsaur-Valgaudemar : Tourtons, Ravioles, Oreilles d'Ane // Hautes-Alpes (05), Champsaur valley, Bénévent-and-Charbillac Tarte Epi d'Or is a biscuit factory that manufactures the famous Tarte Champsaur and offers the sale of handicrafts local products under the brand Saveurs des Montagnes | Bertrand Bodin
SpécialiteLa raviole


Preparation based on potato and fresh tomme. The dough is worked, then rolled in the shape of small “quenelles”. They are tasted in the following ways:
‘Fried’, blanched, they are incorporated into a mixture of milk and crème fraîche, then au gratin in the oven and served as an accompaniment to meat.
‘Fries’, and it is in this form that you will find them most often in our valleys. They can be enjoyed soaked in honey or raspberry jelly, accompanied by a garlic salad, a real treat!


1 kg of potatoes
2 eggs
200 g flour
100 g grated Gruyere
2 fresh squares Gervais
salt pepper

Cook the potatoes then pass them through a vegetable mill. Let them cool. Make a well, incorporate the eggs, Gruyère, Gervais and lastly the flour. To mix everything. With this dough, make rolls about 80 cm and 3 cm in diameter. Cut them with a horn. Roll them in flour. Blanch them in salted water. When they rise to the surface, remove them with a skimmer.

Put in a gratin dish, cover them with a mixture of milk and crème fraîche. Add butter, salt, pepper. Sprinkle with grated Gruyere, put in the oven. Leave to brown over medium heat. Enjoy your lunch !