Station village de Laye au pied du Pic de l'AiguilleStation village de Laye au pied du Pic de l'Aiguille
©Station village de Laye au pied du Pic de l'Aiguille|Guillaume Galvani
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The Mini Ski Village

One of the smallest ski villages in the Champsaur but with all the advantages of a big one….

Welcome to the ski village of Laye

SMILE… you’re in Laye

The best things come in small packages

Nestled at the foot of the Gleize and Aiguille summits, the small ski village of Laye marries the joys of skiing with the tradition of hospitality. A smile is your first greeting and the conviviality of the ski village is integral to your experience. Once you’ve parked your car, everything is accessible on foot or by ski. All you need for a successful stay is concentrated in a small area, guaranteed to create beautiful memories to take home. You may even see a wild mouflon crossing the snowy slopes in the distance – that would be something to tell your grand-children about !

XXL Pleasure

With a panoramic view of the Champsaur and Gapencais valleys, pistes for total beginners, as well as technical pistes at the top of the domain, Laye combines pleasure and sport perfectly, offering each and every skier some great ski moments. For snowshoers there are also some wonderful routes departing from the ski village. Cross country skiers will find their paradise on the 50km of pistes at nearby Col Bayard.


Everyone puts his or her hands in the snow

Guillaume Aulnette, the ski village manager : In Laye, we do everything together. At the height of the season there are about twenty people in the team working to make everything run smoothly and help guests feel at home. « In the big resorts, everyone has a role. Here, everyone does everything ! » Ski lift mechanics, piste grooming, artificial snow management…. Guillaume Aulnette is a multi-tasker and happy to be so ! His enthusiasm can be felt throughout the ski village from the top to the bottom, where he likes to meet and greet his clients… « I like contact with people… chatting with them… making sure that everything is going well and that they are enjoying their stay. » As a result the tourists come back, as do the seasonal workers. « That’s what makes our small ski village special »


« Simplicity is our wealth »

Robert Blanc, ski piste manager for 40 years : We don’t just come to Laye to ski ! Meeting up with old friends and colleagues is a big part of it. « Here everyone knows each other and customers are welcomed as friends. » From generation to generation…, « Children who came with their parents grow up and come back with their children. » For little ones, the ski village of Laye provides such easy access for those first experiences with a dedicated fun area for beginners. « The ski village is on a human scale … everyone is in the same place and on the same page ! » It’s simple!

Did you know ?

Although, Laye is the smallest ski village, it is home to some of the biggest local figures and establishments, known throughout the department. Discover The Petit Renard, a gourmet restaurant nestled at the foot of the ski pistes, specialising in revisiting traditional recipes with refined and creative flavours…. The Laiterie du Col Bayard, a cheese making farm and restaurant with an impressive wine cellar and shop selling local products… Le Champ d’Or, an artisan manufacturing the territory’s three specialities for over a century. Try their tourtons (deep fried pastry squares filled with potatoes, cheese and other fillings), ravioli (small fried dumplings of potatoes and mountain cheese) and donkey’s ears (not real donkey’s ears but a spinach dish using fresh, young leaves, picked when the size of a donkey’s ear !)

Un midi deux à Laye
Un midi deux à Laye
Un midi deux à Laye