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©Smile à Orcières 1850 |Gaetan Theveniaud

Discover the powder spots of Champsaur

Weekend in the Champsaur ski resorts! We give you our 2 essential powder spots for an unforgettable moment of sliding in the Champsaur.

Day 1: the village resort of Serre-Eyraud

With friends, we go for a weekend skiing in the Champsaur! Beautiful snowfall forecast for the next two days (already 40 cm on the ground!), We are going to test our best “powder” spots! To make the most of it, 6h sounds the departure from Marseille for around 2h30 of road … Go!

To reach the family resort of Serre-Eyraud, head for the town of Orcières Merlette! Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters, the village of Serre-Eyraud overlooks the Champsaur Valley: what a view!

Every year, we love to come here for the friendly spirit of the Southern Alps * resort. Located near the Ecrins National Park, it is the smallest of the Champsaur ski resorts!

As usual, it is Pascale who welcomes us at the resort bar: to buy our ski pass, but not only that, the place also serves as a picnic room and restaurant! If there are ½ day, week or season packages, we opt for the day package.

Ride and smile

Package purchased, plus a minute to lose, direction the two ski lifts to reach the summit! In the program ? 600 meters of vertical drop with a constant slope and without a flat, all in the heart of the landscapes of a magnificent larch tree.

After a few moments, the adrenaline and impatience were overwhelming. During the ascent, we take the opportunity to remember the day we discovered the resort … It was noon and there was no one there: we were the only customers for the day! Just imagine … Being able to make descents and turns in the heart of a resort just for us … Except for the dog that followed us at each turn. In short, a story that we love to remember every year, what a memory!

Arva plugged in, tests carried out, we headed for the snowy slopes. To each his own, the tranquility of the forest is sometimes disturbed by our cries (of joy) during the descents. Throughout the day, the rotations follow one another on the ski lifts and we end with an off-piste route in the company of a local guide, an incredible line that brings us directly to the resort by the snowshoe route!

Day 2: the beautiful resort of Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes

We continue our perfect weekend in the Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes resort in the Hautes-Alpes, the “largest of the small resorts”. Forest ski enthusiasts like us? You will love this ski area: the routes are numerous!

Unsurprisingly, the program promises to be full of emotions! Full north exposure, 2 chairlifts, 700 m of vertical drop and as a bonus, top snow coverage from the Libouze plateau …

Direction Le Cuchon at an altitude of 2001 meters for a descent as we like between perfect forest lines! Over the larch, fir and leafy trees, the panorama over the Champsaur Valley is absolutely magical.

After several hours of skiing, it’s decided: we end the day with a freerando! We set off on the grassy slopes (towards Ancelle). For the return, we take the beautiful diagonal to reach the hilly reservoir (stretch of water), a few pushes of sticks will suffice.

Sur le chemin, on croise des courageux qui montent en direction de l’Autane pour rejoindre la crête et redescendre ensuite sur la station. On essaiera l’année prochaine, mais comme le secteur est avalancheux (comme pour Serre Eyraud), on préfère s’entraîner un peu avant et prendre nos précautions.

When we discovered the resort, it was noon and there was no one there: we were the only customers of the day under the snowfall!

Why are these two spots essential?

If these two ski resorts are a must in the Champsaur, it is first and foremost for their perfect snow! Sliding is really pleasant and as a bonus, the friendly and resort-village setting is always very pleasant.

Then, the decorations are breathtaking with the alliance of the landscapes of the Southern Alps and the Northern Alps without forgetting the “Provençal” point of Dauphiné… The resorts have kept intact this authenticity and this cachet that it is difficult to recognize. In addition, they are around 20 minutes by car from each other: ideal for enjoying an unforgettable ski weekend.

If the setting and the snow are superb, the two Champsaur resorts have also become the meeting places for free-riders who wish to practice (real) skiing!

The big plus? Ski passes are not expensive! We count € 15.30 for the Serre-Eyraud station and € 21.50 for the Saint-Léger station.

Serre Eyraud Under Powder! GoPro edit
Serre Eyraud Under Powder! GoPro edit
Serre Eyraud Under Powder! GoPro edit