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©Skieur contemplatif sur le télésiège de Clo Chenu à Chaillol 1600|Remi Fabregue

Skiing above the clouds in Chaillol

Head for Chaillol, the ski resort above the clouds. Alpine skiing, sliding activities or snowshoeing… And an unforgettable week’s vacation.

The magical scenery of the station of the clouds

This year, it’s decided, we’ll meet up with family and friends to spend a week skiing in the Champsaur! Head to the family ski resort of Chaillol, above the village of Saint-Michel-de-Chaillol!

By car ! We are getting ready to reach the ski resort of Chaillol. To find it, you have to climb to an altitude of 1,600 meters! His particuliarity ? Depending on the high pressure conditions, the station may end up above the clouds! An almost lunar setting and an absolutely magical experience to be tested. As a bonus, its southern exposure offers sunny slopes until the end of the day. The tone of the week is launched!

Fun activities for little skiers

Once the whole troop is equipped, we walk towards the Chaillol station. While for parents memories quickly resurface, for others it is a first discovery of mountain sports. But do not panic ! Here, the slopes are gentle: a spot to know absolutely if you want to initiate yourself to the pleasures of sliding and downhill skiing.

At the foot of the slopes, our baby skiers set off to explore the snow garden, a club reserved for 3 and 5 year olds to learn to hold on skis and discover snow activities in complete safety.

For their part, the older children go to meet Manu, their ski instructor, for a week of activities at the leisure sites of Chaillol. Depending on their progress, they may set off on the green track of Le Chemin!

A trip with friends on the Chaillol ski area

Between boys, we climb aboard the chairlifts to reach the top of the resort! By going to collect the passes, we learn that Chaillol is part of Champsaur 3 Gliss: a 3-station pass that allows you to go, in addition to Chaillol, to the Laye station and to the essential “powder” spot of Saint-Léger -the-Larches. An other time !

For today, the program is already full: the ski area, made up of 15 km of slopes, stretches up to 2000 meters above sea level! Between the 3 green slopes, the 5 blue and the 4 red… There is something for all levels.

We agree to start with the blue Clot Chenu run and continue with the red Lauzière run which offers a remarkable view of the Champsaur Valley.

The challenge of the week is voted: take the Cognets and Abeil ski lifts, where the longest slopes in the resort are located.

Girls’ snowshoe hike

For the girls, it’s a day of snowshoeing on the Malcros canal. If it is possible to opt for a walk with a professional, the leaflet found at the Chaillol Reception Office allows you to discover, in complete autonomy, the 4 routes suitable for all levels!

Chat and stroll through the heart of authentic landscapes under the snow … Hard to dream of better!

Return to the chalet for an evening by the fireside

In the evening, we meet in our chalet to talk about our day by the fireside. On the menu: Champsaur ravioli, board games and an incredible view of the snow-capped Champsaur Valley! A picture postcard panorama that will mark our stay in Chaillol … Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Sunset ride à Chaillol
Sunset ride à Chaillol
Sunset ride à Chaillol