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Frozen experiences

Head for Pont du Fossé, located in the heart of the Southern Alps! On the program: climbing on an icy waterfall, skating rink and a unique family day out at Pont du Fossé.

Today, we’re organizing a 100% frozen family day! A few minutes from our hotel in Orcières, heading for Pont du Fossé, a small mountain village located in the heart of the Southern Alps!

Climb an icefall

During our alpine vacation, it’s decided, we try an activity that we are not used to doing: climbing on an icefall! Yes, everything is possible in the Alps! Notice to amateurs, this sport requires specific equipment and training. We start by joining Eric Foissar, our High Mountain guide who accompanies us for this morning initiation. Before reaching the spot, he briefly explains the rules to be known for practicing ice climbing. The principle ? Climb along a wall of ice using traction axes and spike crampons… Just that! Don’t panic, the introductory courses are there to learn the basics smoothly.

Once equipped, we head to the waterfall, located a few minutes walk from Chauffarel. By talking to Eric, we learn that the Champsaur Valley and the Champoléon Valley are home to many icy waterfalls, more or less demanding. It is only in front of the waterfall that we can really see the slope of the ice wall. Fortunately, our guide explains, step by step, the techniques to properly plant traction ice axes and crampons. It also shows us where the steepest slope of the waterfall is … A word of advice, you have to synchronize your arms and legs well … And above all, be sheathed!

Slip on the Pont du Fossé ice rink

Meanwhile, it is the skating rink at Pont du Fossé * that is unanimous with the little ones, but also with mothers! To find it, it’s easy, just listen and follow the music emanating from the center of the village of Pont du Fossé. From December to March, the ice rink is the place of all the village meetings! On the one hand, the little ones can explore the pleasures of sliding in the ice garden! This fun area is ideal for putting on your first skates: chairs, tunnels, routes and advice from a sports educator … Everything is there so that children can learn to skate in complete safety (and parents can be reassured!).

Relaxing moment

At the end of the afternoon, we vote for a well-deserved hot chocolate break! Head to the pancake and hot drink stands. Meanwhile, the dads come back, all smiles, from their first “frozen waterfall” experience! For them, it will be a beer, and not just any, the local beer commonly known as the Witch!

We ended our day in style around the ice rink to watch an ice hockey game: a great idea for an activity to do next time!

(VLOG) Patin à glace en extérieur en famille !!! - Kid Studio Test
(VLOG) Patin à glace en extérieur en famille !!! - Kid Studio Test
(VLOG) Patin à glace en extérieur en famille !!! - Kid Studio Test