Chèvre et chevreau dans le vallon d'Isola à ChampoléonChèvre et chevreau dans le vallon d'Isola à Champoléon
©Chèvre et chevreau dans le vallon d'Isola à Champoléon|PNE
Ecrins National Park

Ecrins National Park

A showcase for gems

Carpets of colorful flowers, emblematic animals, summits traced in charcoal … the Ecrins National Park is a place where man and nature come together.

We know the golden eagle, the equilibrist chamois, the nonchalant ibex, the mischievous marmot, we approach them here in life size. We also discover a whole little-known people: no less than 850 species of butterflies, 230 birds but also 56 dragonflies, amphibians and fish.

Lys martagon, Sabot de Vénus, Edelweiss or Larches … more than 2,500 plant species, 220 of which are rare and endangered, brighten up lawns, forests or rock gardens.

While the Park’s eyes are on nature, it is just as concerned about people, their work and their habitat. He notably carried out work on the champaurin bocage and many small and large buildings owe their survival to his actions. It participates, for example, in the maintenance of stone walls, which surround the paths to channel the animals, and thus help to keep the heritage of the ancients alive. The Park also supports the municipalities in their land use planning, tourism, agriculture projects, etc.

By taking care of the past and enhancing the present, Champsaur Valgaudemar is inventing a sustainable future for itself.