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Quality and well-crafted snow, gentle relief, the Nordic site of Ancelle is suitable for all skiers. It is one of the only sites in the Southern Alps equipped with artificial snow

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Vallon de la Rouanne

Thanks to its exceptional location, nestled in the heart of an open, sunny and snow-covered plateau, Ancelle is a very welcoming resort for Nordic activities. As for cross-country skiing, you have the choice between 4 loops for all levels, 18 km of marked skating and alternative trails available to you in the unspoiled Rouanne valley. The tracks are soft and progressive, which allows you to “limit” (understand “to do kilometers”) at your own pace. Once you are in good shape, you can set off on the “Pomponne” red slope, which is much more demanding, cool and shaded.


Since the 2015/2016 season, the Nordic site of Ancelle has benefited from equipment allowing artificial snowmaking. As soon as the weather conditions are favorable, the snow cannons kick in to produce artificial snow and thus offer Nordic skiing from the start of the season until the end of winter.

Snowshoes in Ancelle

The Nordic site of Ancelle offers many other possibilities for snowshoeing or more simply on foot. There is something for every taste. As easy as walking, the snowshoe allows you to venture into the snow without a hitch. This activity gives you the opportunity to discover Nordic landscapes that are difficult to access on foot in the winter season. The Rouanne valley, the Ancelle plateau or the Moissière pass for the more enduring, will promise you to discover our most beautiful landscapes. Twelve new routes have been marked out for the enjoyment of young and old alike: for all levels and all tastes.