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Delicacies of the Land

The Champsaur Valgaudemar is a region of culinary tradition with an abundance of good recipes. Typical dishes are based on cheese, meat, and cold cuts with honey and jams for desserts. Drinks include the famous génépi, a liquor made using high mountain flowers, and craft beers. There are more than forty local producers creating delicacies from the mountain’s resources, which can all be found in the local shops, markets and in restaurants. Happy tasting !

A territory of good taste !

Traditional Recipes

What would the Champsaur-Valgaudemar be without its famous tourtons (fried pastry squares filled with sweet or savoury mixtures), ravioli (small fried quenelles made from potatoes and mountain cheese) or donkeys ears (no, not real donkey ears, a spinach dish using young, fresh, leaves harvested when they are the size of a donkey’s ear !) ? So many flavours to tickle your taste buds ! Passed down from generation to generation,  the original recipes have evolved with the creativity and taste of each individual. For dessert, pride of place goes to the fruit tarts (thin layers of pastry garnished with blueberries, raspberries, prunes…) and crunchy cookies (small almond, hazelnut and chocolate biscuits).

Valley Produce

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The green valleys of the Champsaur-Valgaudemar are a historic grazing territory and the animals are well known for the flavour of their meat and quality of their milk (sheep, cow and goat). The « Produits de la vallée » (produce from the valley) logo was created to promote quality local produce and guarantees that farmers and businesses source their products locally.

Alpine Confectionary :  Pont-du- Fossé

It all started 15 years ago, when beekeeper, Christophe Zana decided to start making sweets and lollipops with his honey. Next came fruit jellies, gingerbread and jam sweetened with honey. A success ! « I trained at the National Superior School of Confectionary – that helps… » The quality has not gone un-noticed and he has received awards for the last three years at the Paris Agricultural Show, including four gold medals for his multi-flower spring honey « mainly lime blossom », his extra raspberry jam and mountain honey. « My hives travel with the flowering seasons… » This offers the bees the best of nature and guarantees quality products with incomparable tastes for the connoisseurs. »

Ferme de Coste Joffre : Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur

Fed on hay in the winter and lush, fresh grass in the summer, Marie-Ange and Axel Quéméré’s small herd produces quality milk, which is transformed on the farm into tasty cheeses. « Our farm is small scale with 5 cows and 35 goats. » Nonetheless  they create a variety of different cheeses for all tastes from mountain tommes to flavour-rich blues « as well as some soft cheeses. »  You can pick up these quality products directly from the farm at the end of the day during milking time (you can even attend) or at the local markets of Gap and St Bonnet.